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Meet Sam.

Samantha Sendor is the Editor-in-Chief of Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition and a freelance writer covering a variety of topics including travel, fashion, beauty, bridal, motherhood, entertainment, celebrity interviews, and lifestyle. She has written for several outlets including Lady & The Blog, I'm Not Obsessed, Great Restaurants Magazine, Melissa & Doug, Fit Celeb, and more. Utilizing her expertise and creative eye for all things weddings, she is also a consultant to a select number of events each year.

Having formed an early interest in writing and fashion, as a child Samantha observed the New York Fashion Week broadcasts from her local Metro television channel, and compiled her impressions of the season's trends. Little did she know that a childhood hobby of critiquing the runway and designing homemade magazines from construction paper, wouldn't be so far off from her eventual career path. Down the road, Samantha found an outlet for her creativity as a contributing editor for her high school newspaper, as well in an underground tabloid she formed which poked fun at the idiosyncrasies of her school's social and political dynamics. She went on to complete her Bachelor of Arts degree from The New School for Public Engagement (formerly known as The New School for General Studies), and Master of Arts degree from Columbia University.



Prior to publishing her first magazine, Samantha's writing and editing has been featured across several major media outlets, lending her expertise in bridal, fashion, beauty, entertainment, travel, and lifestyle, reaching more than one million readers. As a regular attendee of New York Fashion Week, Samantha has placed an emphasis on building relationships with designers and brands. Upon an early discovery of the couture by Ines Di Santo, she became enchanted by what the bridal industry had to offer. Samantha was eager to cater an unfulfilled need for a bridal resource that blends the essential properties of a top-two tier venue guide for New York City with useful and engaging editorial. Partnering up with Great Restaurants of Fairfield, Westchester & The Hudson Valley and Sophistication In Westchester Magazine Publisher Steven Sendor, the pair dynamically captured the NYC bridal market utilizing their backgrounds in lifestyle journalism and high-end publications. Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition has become widely regarded as a planning necessity among metropolitan brides for every step of the wedding process. 


Although British-born (yeah Bristol!!) and an enthusiastic world traveler, Samantha considers herself a die-hard New Yorker, residing in downtown Manhattan with her dashingly handsome partner and husband Steve, absolutely delicious baby girl Penelope Grey, and her indescribably wonderful stepdaughter, Madelyn. Together, their menagerie consists of Piper, a sporadically dim-witted but lovable dog, Toby, a quick yet rather lethargic cat, and Bob, an impossibly buoyant glowfish that may just outlive us all. Update: Bob did not outlive us all. Rest in peace, little buddy.

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